domingo, 28 de julho de 2013


                  I write to you, so I allow myself to exist.
                  I write to you
                        so my shadows won't cloud up my mind
                        so I don't burn inside
                        so you can ease my pain
                        so we won't vanish away.

Sobre desfechos e ilusões

                  Toquei o céu negro com a ponta de meus dedos e pensei:
                  "Esse não é meu limite."

sábado, 20 de julho de 2013


                  At the very first time you touched my skin, I knew you'd slowly break my bones. Now I'm shattered.


                  There are these insomniac selves that keeps beating me up
                  to wake underneath dark rainy clouds.
                  They just won't stop.
                  If they do,
                  I do.


                  You look down on me and I cannot help but hurt a little more.
                  Your hollow eyes will be the grave where I shall be lying dead.


                 Leave me with the tide,
                 and I'll flow with
                 the endless sea 


                  I want to explore death with you.


                I can't sleep. My mind's tricking me and trying to talk to me while I try to fall asleep. I can't help answering but when I do, it feel like there's something eating me up from the inside out. Words whispered down my ears, chills on the spine, I feel it coming closer. I feel the panic taking over. But I can't move myself out of bed to turn the light on - maybe the demons will run away with some light, but they never do. I keep lying in my bed hoping these voices to go away with all the pain it brings in together. I feel like withering away - I don't bother with my own presence or absence anymore, so as long as I see myself and flesh and bones and a scarred soul, I must keep on being a lost ghost, hovering around my own head trying to find a safe place where I can murder my demons like they're murdering me. I can't help thinking of this every minute of my days. Please, someone, turn the light on.


© 2009Dead Souls | by TNB