sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Time to leave

                “I tried. I swear I did. I took her by her hand and pulled her arm as hard as I could. She said “I’m sorry, it’s time to leave.” She let go of my hands. I could just watch her falling down and sinking into the air, till the sea. All I know is that I jumped right after.”
                And then I woke up, frightened, choking on my own spit. It was just a dream. Thank God, she’s alive. Thank God. Then I looked down my arms, my legs, my clothes. I was soaked. I couldn’t tell whether that was dirty water or blood, my vision turned blurry, and I started to fall. Again. This time she wasn’t with me. I was going towards her body, I thought. I was sinking. And then I stopped. I saw her body, smashed against those rocks, and I saw something I didn’t realize before. There was something in her ankles. Chains. Shackles. There were shackles in her feet all the fucking time! And then I looked down at mine. The same. “What the fuck?” I thought. I’m losing my mind. This cannot be happening. And her body suddenly trembled. I stared at her dead, grey face, and those closed, beautiful blue eyes quickly opened up, in a scary crimson color I could never describe. Her lips were moving still. Under water, who can hear anything? I attempted to, moving my back closer to her lying corpse. Nothing. I looked at her eyes over again, and they were closed.
                “Now she’s gone”, so I thought. I glanced somewhere else and quickly brought my eyes back to her corpse. She wasn’t there. I felt awful for a second, how could she…? How could I..? And then I could listen to her words, over again: “It’s time to leave.” She released herself, somehow. She was swimming back to the top. She was leaving. So was my oxygen. I could only watch her leaving me, over again. Only that, this time, it wasn’t a dream any longer.


                Sentei-me na ponta da cama, com o cigarro na ponta dos lábios, com as palavras na ponta da língua.
                Com o trago, elas se foram.
                Junto com sua imagem na minha cabeça.

© 2009Dead Souls | by TNB