domingo, 28 de setembro de 2014

About blue eyes & yellow shallow words

            Hello again, blue eyes. Ive come to talk to you again. Do you mind? Well, I do. But I gotta do this. Ive been wondering, Ive been really hard on myself about things that involve you. How dare you to do this again? I mean, you've been away so damn longer than ever and then you just come back and say all the stuff you want and then you just tell me to simply forget about it? How old are you? Ten? I thought that five years could make a boy grow up a little, at least.
            Come on. I admit it might be my fault. I can do it. Can you? I doubt it. But thats okay, let me start it. There was me, telling you about dreams & illusions & things that never happened and never would. There was, then, a simple question that, after all, made me realize youve never changed. At all. And by that, I mean: it sucks. To be a little more polite, I would say: Grow the fuck up. Sorry about the harsh words. Thats what five or ten or twenty years can make to a person. Impressed, right? I know you were surprised when I told you about the mess that my head actually is so different than that simple, cutie girl youve thought I was, right? Let me say: That girl in your head never existed. It was just an image youve created from my appearance & my kindness with you. Because I was, and, mostly, because thats how I act when I like, love and/or adore someone. It's sincere. And you were one of them. You still are. Or I guess so. Who are you, really? Who am I? What are these feelings? Are you even capable of feeling things? Or, sorry about that, is it just an act of a smart, sucker boy? Those were your words. I cant manage to believe youve really said that, though I cant manage to think anything at all about you right now. But let me cast my demons out: that time, that movie, that scene, that kiss? Sorry about all of this, sucker boy. Its all true, because I can tell whats true inside of me & whats not. And what about you, have you ever?


© 2009Dead Souls | by TNB