terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2014

Bloody room

These walls
are made of blood & pain in the inside
and i beg you
to please
let me
blend in.


I burn things so i can feel
the ashes vanishing away
as i blow them off
the ground
I burn people's photographs
so i can feel
their eyes dying just
like their memories
in my mind
yet they never do
I burn myself
so i can feel
the heat of the life
that i've never had the chance
to live at its fullest
because i was way too busy
burning my sadness away
yet it knows
how to come back to life &
fulfill my mind.

[i burn
to see the flame
painting my fingertips
as black as
the pit
i'm in

Skinny bones

Falling down
a walking corpse
no sense at all
no sense in life
no sense in death
things should just vanish away
so you won't ask anything
for nothing
because nothing is real
as i am falling down
this river
of nothingness &
sinking into
the feeling of
of having nothing else
to lose
but my dead flawed
& bloody
skinny bones.

About life & deafness itself

It's kinda unfair
to scream in deaf ears
so it may hear it,
just as much
as you try to convince me
that life may be
for a person
just like me.

The shell of me

I have nothing left for this dreadful world
but an empty shell
that wishes for its self-destruction to come
as soon as it's possible
like someone to step over them &
crack it up in tiny little pieces that could never be put together again.
There's nothing left of me to give & give in
to someone else,
but this overwhelming emptiness
that destroy all my inner voices &
that shuts them up for all eternity.
I'm sorry you could never hear them again,
but i'm also pleased that
you'll never have to listen to
these destructive thoughts
any minute longer.

[i'm sorry
i'm sorry
i'm sorry
but these voices
will never leave me
please crack me up &
let me down
in the water
to drown & sink
for good]

© 2009Dead Souls | by TNB