sábado, 27 de junho de 2015

About those times when i'm nothing but a shadow in the mirror

It's hard to see
through bloodstained glasses
but when your mind
acts like one
you just can't get away
with being dirty
with your own blood
but then comes a time when
what happens
is exactly what you once
tried to escape from
your hands get dirty
and your bedsheets become
as much as your mind
but you can't help it
because while you're
purging away all these
dirty thoughts
in a toilet,
flushing them away like they
were just an amount
of nothing inside of your body,
the blood keeps on
dripping off your limbs
staining the once
bright white
that now is no longer
so beautiful
because it weighs
so much more
than anything else
in the world
and it's even more disgusting
when you think
that this only happened
because of you
with your help
with all those sneaky midnight walks
to the bathroom floor
to stain that room
with no mercy
to stain your body
with no mercy
in order to become something
that only exists inside
your mind & inside that mirror
which insists in showing you
a dirty & blurry truth
that holds a grip inside you
and leads you to a cave
you dig on your own.

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